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Back Sports Long Live, Bonflo start 2nd round with wins

Long Live, Bonflo start 2nd round with wins

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THE Filipino Sports Association of Guam held their set of five games on April 15 at Astumbo Gym.

Coming from behind, Long Live battled neck-to-neck with top-seeded Sen. Sam Mabini team. With just five minutes left in the second half, August Sotelo made a two-point shot to give his team a one point lead margin, 58-57.

With four minutes and four seconds left, Edison Capanang fouled Derrick Royster sending him to the free throw line with two free shots successfully landing into the basket, thereby increasing the lead margin to 60-57. Determined to win, this was followed by a series of shots from August Sotelo, Eric Santos, Earvin Jose, increasing the lead to 11 points, 68-57 with one minute and seven seconds left in the game.

With 51 seconds left, Nick Dungca of Sen. Sam Mabini team countered with a two-point shot, narrowing the lead by Long Live to nine points, 59-68.

With time trickling down, Reggie Rechebong of Sen. Sam Mabini team fouled August Sotelo, who contributed one point from the free throw line. Earvin Jose of Long Live managed to pitch in another two-point shot with just six seconds left, ending the game with a lead margin of 12 points, 71-59.

Bonflo win

In the other junior division game, Bonflo Electronics won against Fortune Cookie Cafe, another top-seeded team. With Bonflo’s win and the loss of Fortune Cookie Cafe and Sen. Sam Mabini Team, they are now in a triple-tie for the 1st place spot.

(Information obtained from a press release.)

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