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12 23Sat11282015


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Decolonization Loony Tunes

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THERE was no shortage of whacky political stuff last week. CNMI Governor Fitial invited the Chinese to rent any or all of the northern islands. Did he clear that with the State Department? We also saw public officials and members of academia taking positions from which they’ll eventually wish to retreat with some shred of credibility intact.


Senator Won Pat has added her voice to the escalating level of activist-fueled anti-American rhetoric. Last week she harangued the UN Fourth Committee with tales of 50 years of economic exploitation and political oppression under the United States government. Really? She said the governor and the Legislature will soon launch mechanisms to ensure Chamorro self-determination. It should be interesting to watch how that pans out relative to the inclusive and more meaningful quest for Guam’s decolonization, which will happen with or without resolution of the self-determination issue. Chamorros are invited to participate.

The senator asks for UN intervention of some kind, though she’s not specific. She asks that it “act on ensuring that the fundamental rights of the Chamorus to freely act on determining their political status is not impeded or otherwise influenced by the administering power.” Is it Chamorro political status or Guam’s political status? Perhaps she was momentarily confused. In any case, Chamorro activists have babbled to the UN of oppression and genocide for decades without factual basis or effect. We have to wonder if she really believes that the UN is now prepared to meddle in U.S. domestic policy.

She rails about segregated public education based on status, no doubt referring to Guam’s DODEA schools which have no status criteria other than membership in the U.S. military. DODEA schools came to Guam after decades of substandard – to put it generously – performance by the local public education system, and that’s why they remain in place today. Guam joins Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Puerto Rico – all domestic areas where public education failed to measure up to military family and retention needs. Guam was for decades a military tour often avoided due to the deplorable state of public education. Though the public schools haven’t changed appreciably, military families here now have the option of sending their children to schools that rank among the nation’s best.

We note two further peculiarities of her address. She’s apparently coined a new word – “Chamoru” – and she asks that Guam be accorded UN Member State status – a seat in the General Assembly – which leads us to suspect that she may have become a bit unhinged.

This week also saw a UOG decolonization/self-determination forum hosted by the Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice, a far-left activist organization spearheaded by UOG academic luminaries Julian Aguon and Lisa Natividad. They’ve been very busy of late visiting various countries throughout the Pacific region spreading anti-American lies and propaganda, mostly concerning the U.S. military.

Julian reportedly advised those attending the forum that Guam has no need to recognize or comply with U.S. law in addressing decolonization and political status. We’re reminded of the ravings of Howard Hemsing, who recently declared himself king of the entire Marianas Archipelago. Julian claims that a Chamorro (or is it Chamoru?)-only plebiscite isn’t race-based but rather historical in nature, simply recognizing those present at a particular place and time. Someone should remind him to review the 1999 Rice v. Cayatano Supreme Court decision, paying particular attention to the part about ancestry as a proxy for race. Whoops! I forgot – Julian doesn’t recognize U.S. law, or presumably the findings of American jurists. How does that stack up against his standing as an Officer of the Court and his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution? The Guam Bar Association should maybe take a look at Julian and his position on that.

Dave Davis,


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