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Back Local News Hearing today on dismissal plea of Blue House owner

Hearing today on dismissal plea of Blue House owner

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SUPERIOR Court Judge Anita Sukola today will hear the motion filed by Song Ja Cha, the convicted owner of the Blue House lounge who wants a dismissal of the superseding indictment against her.

Cha, who is serving life imprisonment after her 2012 federal court conviction, was charged along with former Guam police officers David Manila and Anthony Quenga with 17 charges in connection with prostitution, kidnapping and felonious restraint in the Blue House human trafficking case.

Her trial was severed from Manila and Quenga’s who were both convicted on Sept. 19, 2013 of kidnapping, prostitution and rape. Her current attorney, Mark Kondas, recently filed pre-trial motions – one to suppress evidence, the second to dismiss the superseding indictment and to compel the government for discovery.

Cha’s trial is scheduled for April 16 in Sukola’s courtroom. Cha is facing charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit felonious restraint, conspiracy to compel prostitution, compelling prostitution, conspiracy to promote prostitution, promoting prostitution, first-degree criminal sexual conduct and criminal intimidation. 

If the court grants the motion to dismiss, Cha will only have to face the life sentence she received from the federal court. Cha is challenging that conviction before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

However, if the court denies the dismissal motion, Cha will begin her trial that could last as long as three weeks with more than a dozen prosecution witnesses who testified earlier against Manila and Quenga.

Manila and Quenga, who are both due for sentencing, are currently waiting for Sukola’s decision on the cops’ motions for a new trial.

A witness was presented by the defense during a hearing in January to belie the testimony of the victims, who told the jury that they were held against their will and that the cops threatened them.

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