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Gun, ammunition sales increase as residents beef up security

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AS ROBBERY incidents and home invasions become more rampant and intruders get bolder and more violent, several Guam households are prompted to beef up their home security.

Gabriel Ko, manager of Guam World Gun Shop, said he has seen an increase in demand for ammunition.

“Most people have guns already. Last year, we sold 20 handguns and it was the most number of guns we’ve sold in years,” Ko said.

He expects gun sales to further go up eventually following the enactment of the Castle Doctrine law.

A Tamuning resident who requested not to be identified said he has invested in alarm systems and security cameras.

“I have installed cameras inside the house and outside by the door. I own a gun, too, and it may come handy if the time comes I have to protect my family,” he said. “These robbers have become more aggressive.”

Even outside of homes, many residents have become more cautious and alert.

“I don’t have a gun, but I keep my son’s baseball bat in my car,” said Dededo resident Lolita Rodriguez. “You can’t be too careful nowadays.”

The Guam Police Department has reported an increase in robbery over the past couple of months. The most recent was the robbery at the Bank of Guam in Yigo, where two armed masked men attacked in broad daylight.

Phil Flores, president of Bank Pacific, said his bank offices are secured with daytime and nighttime security cameras.

Bank employees are given security training on a regular basis, Flores said. “We have monthly staff meetings, where GPD officers come to talk to us about safety,” he added.

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