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Demolition kicks off Tiyan Parkway construction

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THE beginning of the demolition of several structures in Tiyan kicked off the first stage Tiyan Parkway.

On Tuesday, contractor Ian Construction began tearing down the former Guam Police Department structure that had been a bachelor officer quarter building when the area was Naval Air Station Agana.

The demolition portion of the parkway construction project will take place in two phases.

Under the first phase, the former GPD property and seven slabs will be cleared. The phase is anticipated to be completed within 120 days following the acquisition of the necessary permits.

The next phase of the demolition task is expected to occur over 90 days. The Kunkle building, the Yellow Cargo building, and the former NAS Advance Undersea Weapons shop will be the focus of this demolition phase.

The demolition portion of the parkway plan will cost a little more than $1 million. Ninety percent of the demolition will be funded through grants from the Federal Aviation Administration. The grants were awarded in fiscal 2011 and approved by the State Historic Preservation Office.

The parkway in Tiyan is one of the projects of the Department of Public Works’ Guam Transportation Plan. The parkway is intended to connect Route 10A, the airport road, to Route 8 through Tiyan.

The parkway is also needed to comply with federal guidelines, as the airport’s recently extended runway requires an accompanying extended safety clearance zone.

A section of Central Avenue is currently within the safety clearance zone, and thus, not in compliance with federal regulations. The federal government requires that section of Central Avenue be closed by December 2015.


On Dec. 3, Gov. Eddie Calvo signed a memorandum of agreement that allowed for the property needed to construct the Tiyan Parkway to be transferred from the Guam International Airport Authority to the Department of Public Works.

Prior to the signing of the agreement, the FAA would not pay for the construction of the parkway until land needed for the completion of the parkway was secured.

The first part of the construction will be work done on Route 8, with the construction of a roadway near Cars Plus and San Jose Market that will extend to the beginning of Sunset Boulevard. The second part will be extending the roadway along Sunset Boulevard to Route 10A, near Home Depot. This course will pass through the former Navy housing.

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