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Back Local News Fernandez seeks assessment of GDOE school facilities

Fernandez seeks assessment of GDOE school facilities

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GUAM Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez is pushing for the development of an instructional program facility assessment for each of the schools under his purview to determine how each school meets the current instructional requirements of the department.

In a letter addressed to Gov. Eddie Calvo, Fernandez said GDOE can use the instructional program facility assessment plan “to develop the roadmap that sets forth the highest and best use of the existing facilities given the educational priorities.”

Based on this plan, he said the education department will have a list, in order of priority, for undertaking the repairs and improvements.

The instructional program facility assessment plan will be incorporated into GDOE’s systemwide capital improvement plan, which Fernandez said would determine how best to use limited resources and to assist GDOE in making good decisions on long-term facility management and utilization.

The education agency and other local regulatory departments will work with a selected team to develop and prepare the capital improvement plan.

Aside from the instructional program facility assessment, Fernandez said they would take into consideration the educational specifications for what type of facility is needed for each grade, the desired curriculum, and the programs offered or to be offered in addition to basic education, such as STEM facilities, vocational training, population densities, student count, and population projections relative to the location of existing facilities

The capital improvement plan would also take into consideration the findings and recommendations as well as projected costs identified in the 2011 Sodexo Facility Action Plan Report and the Office of Insular Affairs’ Phase II Inventory and Condition Assessment Report.

Both reports identified system maintenance and repair issues at the assessed GDOE schools.

The OIA report, in particular, identified systemwide deferred maintenance of approximately $89.9 million, as well as overcrowding problems in the central and northern schools.

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