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Back Local News 63-year-old arrested for rape, abuse

63-year-old arrested for rape, abuse

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A 63-year-old male is now detained after charges of four counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, child abuse and indecent exposure were filed against him.

The victim went to the Dededo Precinct on Dec. 17 and told investigators that Jun Ninno Verango, of Dededo, asked her to massage his feet every night due to his arthritis. While the victim was massaging the defendant, he would lay naked on the couch and would play with his genitals.

The 17-year-old plaintiff told police that the latest incident was on Dec. 17 when the victim was massaging Verango who then lifted his left foot and touched her on her right breast over her clothing.

She said it was not the first time Verango had touched her sexually. She told police that when she was 12 years old, she was asleep on the couch and when she woke up, the defendant was fondling her breasts. The victim said she told her mother about the incident but her mother did not report it to police because they depend on the suspect for income.

The victim also said that when she was 14 years old, the defendant went into her room while she was sleeping, lifted her shirt above her breasts, pushed up her bra then began fondling her breasts.

When she was 15 years old, the defendant would touch her buttocks, pretending to be joking around, and would come up from behind her and grab her breasts while she was washing dishes.

Last October, while she was massaging the defendant’s feet, the defendant allegedly started playing with his private part and the victim said she could hear piercings and rings on his penis making sounds. She asked him to stop but he continued, grabbed her right hand and placed it on his genitals.

When interviewed, the suspect admitted he was naked when he was being massaged, but denied touching the victim’s breast. He admitted to touching the plaintiff’s buttocks but said he was just joking around. He also admitted that he sometimes slapped the victim’s breast with his hands but said the victim’s mother told him to stop.

The defendant also admitted having piercings on his genitals but he removed them a week ago. He showed his genitals to the investigator who reportedly did not see any jewelry but noticed piercing marks.

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