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12 23Thu04242014


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3 arrested for gang rape

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AN 11-year-old female was found in a Dededo jungle area unclothed, intoxicated and apparently sexually molested, triggering the arrest of three individuals including two male minors over the weekend.

Officer A.J. Balajadia, Guam Police Department spokesman, said GPD officers have arrested Gibson Billug, 20, of Dededo, originally from Chuuk. He was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct, conspiracy, and jurisdiction over an adult.

Two 15-year-old male minors, also from Chuuk but now current residents of Dededo, were taken into custody and charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct and conspiracy. They were taken to the Department of Youth Affairs.

GPD is still tracking down another male adult believed to be one of the individuals who allegedly gang-raped the female minor who is also from Chuuk.

According to Balajadia, officers from the Dededo Precinct received a call at about 7 a.m. on Saturday about a beyond-control 14-year-old female minor who was heavily intoxicated in the Santa Ana Subdivision area.

The combative female was located and then transported to the Dededo Precinct. When she became sober, the girl told police that she was forced to drink alcohol and was raped by at least four males. During the interview, it was determined that there was another girl who had not yet been located.

Officers made a check of the jungle in the Santa Ana area and an 11-year-old female was found within a concrete water pipe, unclothed and intoxicated.

Residents in the area have been observing a number of minors hanging out in the waiting shed of the Santa Ana Subdivision.

“Most of them are minors from Chuuk and sometimes they will stay there the whole night and will leave empty bottles of alcoholic beverages after their all-night party. This is almost every night,” a resident who requested anonymity told Variety.

The police said Child Protective Services, Healing Hearts, and GPD’s Victims Advocate Unit are all involved with ensuring the minor girls get the needed help in dealing with the situation.

The suspects are expected to appear in the Superior Court of Guam today for a magistrate hearing on the case.

The case remains open, pending the arrest of the remaining suspect.

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