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Back Local News Former senator: ‘It’s the other Jesse Lujan’

Former senator: ‘It’s the other Jesse Lujan’

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FORMER Sen. Jesse Lujan yesterday clarified that the person who appeared in court for a breach of loan agreement was his namesake from Merizo.

The other Jesse Lujan, who has a pending case before the Superior Court of Guam, was charged with failure to make his monthly loan payments, said attorney Curtis Van de Veld, who represents the former senator.

Van de Veld clarified that the former lawmaker was not party to the loan case nor has a similar pending case.

The mistaken allusion to the former lawmaker was the subject of the libel case filed by the former senator against KTKB Digital Media Corp.

In its newscast and online article, the KTKB mistakenly identified the former senator as the person involved in the loan case. The story was accompanied by the former senator’s photo.

A story published by Marianas Variety on Oct. 24 said “Lujan complained that his picture was displayed and statements were made or published about his appearance in court to discuss a breach-of-loan agreement, the amount he owed, his monthly payment amount and his failure to keep up with the monthly payment.”

Van de Veld reiterated that the former lawmaker did not appear in court and does not owe any monthly payment and is not involved in any breach-of-loan agreement.

The former senator filed the complaint against KTKB on March 24, 2011.

KTKB, through attorney Delia Lujan Wolf, filed a motion to dismiss on April 19, and asked the court to order Lujan to pay KTKB’s costs and attorneys' fees.

Judge Michael Bordallo denied the motion to dismiss and ordered both parties to proceed to trial.

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