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PAG gets ready for warehouse demolition

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(PAG) – The Port Authority of Guam is getting ready for the demolition of its Warehouse 2 facility to make way for the expansion of that area in the port compound.

“The demolition of the Warehouse 2 will increase the port’s break-bulk area to approximately 9 acres as part of the port’s modernization project,” said Joanne Brown, PAG general manager.

The expansion project represents phase two of the port’s modernization program, which is being undertaken by PAG in partnership with the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

In August, PAG announced the award of a $1.39 million contract to Smithbridge Guam Inc. for the project under the Guam Commercial Port Improvement program.

Brown led officials, staff and other stakeholders during a final tour of the facility yesterday morning.

“(The) visit to Warehouse 2 will represent the final walkthrough of the facility by port officials before this monumental building becomes a historical memory,” Brown said.

Warehouse 2 was built by the U.S. Navy as a storage facility for dried goods imported into Guam.

Over the years, the 100,000-square-foot concrete facility partially housed a duty-free shop operated by the former Diamond Ko family.

A portion of the warehouse was also later converted to a restaurant, which served daily meals to PAG employees, tenants and vessel crews calling the port.

The second floor was occupied by Maruwa Shokai, a Guam fishing company, with other warehouse bays occupied by various importers.

The majority of the warehouse space was used by the port for receipt and storage of break-bulk and unitized cargo pending clearance from the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency.

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