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Back Local News Suspected meth-maker jailed

Suspected meth-maker jailed

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LORIN Lapa’ele Agustin, 29, is behind bars after he was charged with attempted manufacturing of a Schedule II controlled substance as a first-degree felony and possession of a Schedule II controlled substance as a third-degree felony.

According to a magistrate’s complaint filed by Assistant Attorney General Jesse Nasis, Agustin was detained by Guam Police Department officers near Toy’s Tavern in Tamuning on Oct. 25 at around 4:20 a.m.

Agustin was allegedly in the Toy’s Tavern parking lot with Douglas Racelis Jr. when they were approached by police officers.

The police said Agustin was carrying a black backpack and immediately discarded an item on the ground when he was approached. The item was later discovered to be a small Ziploc bag allegedly containing crystal methamphetamine.

The policemen said they also saw a fabricated glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine residue in a paper napkin.

Agustin’s bag was searched and items were found that were believed to be used for the illicit manufacturing of methamphetamine. The seized backpack also allegedly contained meth residue, a clear plastic straw, a liquid dropper with meth residue, drain cleaner, Ziploc bags, baking soda, measuring spoons, a funnel, and various containers with liquid powder substances.

The officers indicated that the defendant appeared to be using a “shake-and-bake” technique to manufacture methamphetamine.

During an interrogation, Agustin allegedly admitted that he first attempted to cook meth approximately one month ago after obtaining information from “street hoodlums” from Saipan using a shake-and-bake method.

Agustin allegedly said he did some research on the Internet and purchased some of the materials required for manufacturing meth. He added that he read about another method but could not obtain the required ingredients.

Agustin allegedly told police that he attempted to manufacture meth because he could not afford to buy drugs for personal use.

He allegedly confessed that since September, he made three attempts to manufacture the drug and the last attempt was on Oct. 25 along the side of the road in Tumon.

Police conducted field tests on several items discovered in Agustin’s backpack. The tests reportedly came back presumptive positive for amphetamines.

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