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GED test to move to electronic format

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THE GED test will undergo a new format come the new year.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, all GED tests will be taken electronically and test-takers will have to pay $125, which is a $35 increase from the current fee. The number of sections comprising the test will also be pared down from five to four.

The GED has historically been administered on paper, but next year the program will move entirely to a computer-based arrangement.

Guam Community College is the only official GED testing center on-island. GCC officials encourage those who have yet to pass all five current components, or those that may have to re-take some sections of the GED exam, to schedule the necessary tests before the end of 2013 to avoid paying the fee increase.

“If you do not complete the entire battery of paper and pencil components of the GED before Jan. 1, your entire paper and pencil test will be voided, and you will have to start over with the new computer-based test, which will cost $125,” said Doris Perez, GCC GED administrator.

The cost to re-take a test component is currently $25 and that, too, will increase in the coming year.

Test costs differ in different parts of the nation. According to the GED testing website, “The 2014 GED test will cost jurisdictions $30 per each of the four modules, for a total of $120. The price that test-takers pay is set by jurisdictions, and varies from state to state.”

Currently, to earn a GED certificate, one must pass five test components, which are math, language arts-writing, language arts-reading, science, and social studies.

According to the GED testing website, at the start of 2014, the GED exam will be broken down into four test components: reasoning through language arts, mathematical reasoning, science and social studies.

According to GCC, the move to an electronic format allows for clients to register, test and receive scores quicker, and provides increased test security.

For more information call 735-5625/5517 or email ged.gcc[at]

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