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Guam Judiciary strategic plan presented

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THE Legislature’s judicial committee held a roundtable discussion yesterday with officials from the Judiciary of Guam during which socio-economic, political and technological trends and challenges that would affect the Judiciary in the coming years was discussed.

Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido presented the status report on the progress made by the Judiciary in implementing their 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.

According to the plan, a projected growth in population will likely result in an increase in demands for justice and court services in the years ahead, which translates to an increase in caseloads and workloads and/or a change in the types of cases involved in the court system.

Services and programs may need to be added and expanded to other locations in Guam to make the courts accessible to all, the plan stated.

In addition, the Judiciary, in the future, may also need to provide additional language services and culturally appropriate programs for the increasingly diverse population.

The Judiciary is also foreseeing funding and budget challenges in the years ahead and "will need to continue to find ways to be more efficient and effective, reduce costs/find savings, and/or reallocate resources as well as find new ways to secure additional resources.”

The Judiciary also cited the loss of institutional knowledge as another challenge, especially with the impending retirement of some of their judges and staff.

According to the strategic plan, "many judges and staff will likely retire in the next five to 10 years while other court employees in key positions may leave due to normal attrition."

The Judiciary's first long range plan was developed in 2006. Its current blueprint – “Our Way Forward: The Strategic Plan for the Guam Judiciary 2012-2015” – is the culmination of a 2011 strategic planning process.

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