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Star Marianas survivors ‘ready to go’

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SAIPAN – Commonwealth Health Center authorities yesterday said the three survivors of the Star Marianas plane crash “are ready to go” which means they can be out of the hospital anytime soon.

Variety was told that one of the female survivors is scheduled to leave the hospital on Sunday while the other one is still waiting for the results of further examinations.

It also won't take long for the third one, who will undergo arm surgery on Friday, to be be discharged soon.

Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. CEO Esther Muna confirmed that the arrangements are now being made on the patients' departure.

The 3-year-old survivor, a girl, was discharged from the hospital at 4:30 p.m. last Monday.

In a press briefing last Wednesday, director for medical affairs Dr. Sherleen Osman said the child was sleeping, eating, and walking already.

China Consul Yu Xiong and Vice Consul Wang Hongming arrived Wednesday to assist the survivors. They met with the families and relatives of the victims and the officials of CHC and NMI government for the updates on their condition, as well as the investigation of the incident.

Search and rescue

When asked by a visiting correspondent of China Central Television why it took it so long to find the crash site, Special Assistant for Homeland Security and Emergency Management Marvin K. Seman explained that the search and rescue operation spanned from Laolao Bay all the way to the southeast of Tinian.

He said they put every possible responder on the shore. After the initial report of an overdue aircraft, Seman said the search started from Laolao bay.

“We searched every part. We normally understand the flights to and from Tinian will be over the water. So that was the initial movement and we requested for helicopter support and we started searching the water,” Seman said.

He explained that the water does not stop moving and anything that gets to the ocean can drift away or sink to the bottom.

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