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GW teacher charged for fight with student

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A 47-year-old George Washington High School teacher is now facing charges of assault and official misconduct, both misdemeanors, over an alleged fight with a student.

Police are now investigating an assault complaint filed against Ossie A. Warner who said a student, "S.T.," assaulted him in class and threatened to file a complaint against him. The incident occurred April 18.

Before the altercation between Warner and the 17-year-old student, witnesses allegedly observed the teacher tell S.T. “because you’re a stupid (expletive)” when asked by the student why he only teaches half the class.

One student alleged he saw Warner put both his hands around S.T.’s neck and that S.T. sustained a small bump above his right eye during the altercation.

When interviewed by the police, S.T. said he threw a 55-gallon trash can at Warner when the teacher made a “stupidity” comment allegedly directed against him.

The student alleged that Warner grabbed him by his neck and held him against the wall before school aides were able to break them up.

Machete man

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Desmond Samuo was charged with attempted murder after swinging a machete over the head of Rodney Patrick Gogue.

Gogue was sitting on his balcony when he observed Samuo wielding a machete.

According to court documents, Gogue was able to block the machete, duck into his apartment, and run toward his residence, closing the door behind him.

Gogue said Samuo continued wielding his machete through the door while screaming that he would kill him.

The victim heard the defendant screaming that he was the one who called the police on him.

The damaged phonebook used as a shield by Gogue was recovered by the police who also observed that the screen door of the victim was damaged by a thin object.

Samuo was subsequently seen near the fish market in Tamuning and was apprehended.

He was with a friend, Peter Hans, who denied the incident. Hans was charged with hindering the apprehension of a person suspected of a first-degree felony.

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