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Child abuse case against father dropped

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SUPERIOR Court Judge Michael J. Bordallo has granted a motion filed by a father to dismiss the child abuse case against him due to lack of evidence.

Christopher Reyes Dydasco had been charged with one count of child abuse as a misdemeanor with three other charges.

The case stemmed from the complaint of his former girlfriend who claimed Dydasco assaulted her during a visitation exchange involving their minor daughter.

According to the police report submitted to the Attorney General’s Office, the defendant and the former girlfriend met at a parking lot at the University of Guam in Mangilao when he allegedly shoved the car seat into her, hitting her in the midsection. The defendant allegedly continued to yell profanities against the woman and threatened to punch her in the face.

But the defendant, through Assistant Public Defender Maria G. Fitzpatrick, filed a motion to dismiss the child abuse charges, arguing there were no facts to support the charges made against him.

Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown had argued that Dydasco endangered the physical safety of his daughter. At the same time, the government lawyer said the emotional health of the child was at risk when the defendant decided to assault the child’s mother. According to Brown, the defendant attempted to hit his former girlfriend while their child was in close proximity and the child was at risk of being struck by an errant blow or by the fall of the child’s mother.

He added that emotional endangerment and fear of being struck could also affect the child.

But in reviewing both memorandums of the opposing parties, Judge Bordallo ruled that the record is devoid of any evidence to sustain a charge of child abuse.

“The fact that the child was present during the incident does not constitute child abuse. There is no evidence that the child was injured physically or emotionally,” Bordallo said.

The case for the remaining charges against Dydasco will, however, continue for further proceedings.

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