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Back Local News Blue House witness recounts her ordeal

Blue House witness recounts her ordeal

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“I REALLY don’t want to have sex with customers and I cry every night, but I can’t leave because the lady will call the police and will have me arrested,” a witness named "S.S." told the jury yesterday during the resumption of the trial against the two cops implicated in the Blue House prostitution case.

The prosecution’s 14th witness worked at Blue House from December 2007 to a month before the establishment was closed on Jan. 13, 2008 – the day the police raided Blue House following reports of prostitution.

Although S.S. worked at Blue House for just a little over a month, she recalled how difficult it was making 10 to 20 customers “happy” every night.

“If I don’t make them happy they will tell the mama-san (Song Ja Cha, the owner of Blue House) and mama-san will be mad and would refuse to give us food. Sometimes she will beat us too,” the witness said.

“So why didn’t you leave?” Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Quan asked. The witness answered: “Because I am scared of the police, especially those policemen I had sex with.”

The witness also told the jurors that all the doors of the lounge were all padlocked and the only person who had the keys was Cha.

For S.S., the night when police closed down the lounge was the start of her happy days.

In a police statement she wrote on Jan. 13, 2008, the witness recalled that while living and working at Blue House, Cha prevented them from going out by themselves and even from talking to relatives.

“But now I am very happy because I don’t have to suffer again,” S.S. said in the written statement she provided to the police.

On the night Blue House was permanently shut down, S.S. and the rest of the other girls were able to get their passports back, which were confiscated from them on the day they arrived from Chuuk.

Like the rest of the girls, S.S. was told she would be working in a restaurant when she was recruited in 2007.

“But I know now that it’s not a restaurant, it’s a sick place. And mama-san told me to start working and give whatever the customer wants,” she continued.

The witness confirmed that one of her customers was police officer Anthony Quenga whom she remembers only through a nickname “Tony.”


Quenga’s defense counsel, Attorney Sylvia Stake, cross-examined the witness and asked repeatedly if she saw any scar, outstanding marks, or tattoo on the body of the cop, to which the witness answered: “ I didn’t really pay attention to his body and I didn’t see any because it was dark.”

When asked if she knew that her customer was a policeman, the witness said “yes,” adding she saw the cop’s badge and she was told by mama-san that he is a policeman and they are friends.

The defense lawyer also asked why the witness during the course of the investigation did not disclose the fact that she had sex with the cop.

“I didn’t tell them because I am embarrassed,” she said.

When Quan questioned the witness again if she wanted to have sex with any of her customers at Blue House, the witness answered “no.”

The trial against Quenga and officer David Manila will continue tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. with another former Blue House worker testifying against the two cops.

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