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Ylig bridge 83% complete, partly open for Layon Landfill

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THE Ylig bridge in Yoña is now 83 percent complete and its southbound lane toward the Layon Landfill has been opened to full legal loads, the Department of Public Works announced yesterday.

DPW made this announcement as part of the department’s weekly report on the status of all consent decree Route 4 projects.

The Route 4 projects – which consist of work on Ylig bridge, Togcha and Talafofo bridges, Route 4 Pago Bay to Route 17, Togcha River to Ipan Beach Park, As-Alonso Area Route 4 slope stability assessment, and Route 4 safety enhancements – are along the transfer truck route to the Layon Landfill. They are considered critical elements in the on-going operations of transfer trucks traveling to and from the landfill.

The Ylig bridge project is expected to be completed in October after the contractor requested additional time to finish its work on raising the grade at the intersection of Route 4 and Aguon Road. The contractor attributed the delay to resolving water line conflicts, subsurface pile conflicts, and archeological data recovery.

The Togcha and Talofofo bridges have been completed while work continues on the Yoña drainage for the completion of the Route 4 Pago Bay to Route 17 project. According to DPW, the contractor was delayed due to a lightning strike at their paving plant, which damaged the electronic controls. However, it is expected that this particular project will be completed within the month.

As for the Tocha River and Ipan Beach Park projects, DPW told the court that the bid opening was held on Aug. 8 and two bids were received. DPW is currently reviewing the bids.

On Aug. 22, DPW informed the court that Route 2 would be the alternate access to the Layon Landfill for the ongoing geo-technical work on the As Alonso slides along Route 4 near Inarajan.

DPW is currently drafting a task order for approval by the receiver regarding the scope of work for Route 4 safety enhancements.

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