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12 23Sat11282015


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‘Container not hazardous’

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THE metal container found releasing carbon dioxide gas at the port contained no hazardous element and has been turned over to its consignee, harbor master Felix Pangelinan said yesterday.

“It’s nothing to worry about. It poses no danger to port employees or to the public,” he said.

Suspicious gas release from the shipping container discovered on Monday night prompted a response from the Guam Fire Department's HAZMAT team and the evacuation of port employees.

“It was for safety precautions,” Pangelinan said.

GDF spokesman Lt. Ed Artero said further analysis was turned over to the port after the HAZMAT team conducted an inspection with air monitoring equipment.

“The container has a safety mechanism that allows it to purge itself when extra pressure is building up in the tank,” Pangelinan said.

He said the container’s content is intended for soda production. 

“After GFD determined that the container did not contain any toxic substance, we moved the container from the container yard to the chassis yard. We have turned it over to the consignee,” Pangelinan said, declining to identity the container’s owner.

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