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Urgent Care panel set to start work

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THE newly empaneled Urgent Care Planning Committee at Guam Memorial Hospital is set to hold its first organizational meeting next month to start developing a framework for the soon-to-be established Urgent Healthcare Center.

June Perez, spokesperson for GMH, said the committee is scheduled to meet Sept. 10 to address the basic requirements of building and operating the center.

The creation of the Urgent Healthcare Center within the GMH premises is mandated by Public Law 32-60.

Sen. Dennis Rodriguez, the center’s proponent, said the facility will receive patients with injuries or conditions that require immediate attention but may not be serious enough to require care at the emergency room.

The patients can be given immediate treatment at the urgent healthcare facility so that they don’t have to use emergency room services, which can be costly for the hospital, Rodriguez said.

“Right now, if you come in, a nurse will take you to the emergency room whatever your case may be. The hospital ends up eating the cost of emergency room services,” Rodriguez said.

Treating non-emergency patients at the urgent care clinic “will help reduce the cost for the hospital,” he added.

The 16-member committee, chaired by GMH Administrator Joseph Verga, is tasked to identify a location within the hospital where the urgent care facility will be built.

The panel will also develop operational criteria for the clinic and analyze its financial requirements.

The committee has 90 days from the day it was formed to submit an action plan to the GMH Board of Trustees.

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