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Back Local News AG Rapadas: Gambling bill has become ‘unrecognizable’

AG Rapadas: Gambling bill has become ‘unrecognizable’

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ATTORNEY General Leonardo Rapadas yesterday said his office worked with members of the Legislature to come up with workable legislation to address the gambling issue on Guam, but the end product had become “unrecognizable.”

“This reminds me of an old adage: Those who love to eat sausage should not know or see how they make it,” Rapadas said during the weekly membership meeting of the Rotary Club of Northern Guam held at the Hyatt Regency yesterday.

While Rapadas stressed that he is not opposed to any financing scheme to support Guam Memorial Hospital, the AG said the Legislature would still have to use legal means.

“As a private citizen, I am against gambling. As an Attorney General, I am limited by what the law is and what is legal,” Rapadas said.

He also reiterated that the licensing of gaming devices is specifically prohibited on Guam by duly enacted laws.

Rapadas said an opinion he submitted to the Legislature reminded lawmakers that Guam law prohibits the licensing of electronic gaming devices.

“Guam law does not authorize the Department of Revenue and Taxation to license electronic gaming devices,” Rapadas stressed.

With regard to the cases involving the legality of gaming devices currently pending in the Superior Court of Guam, Rapadas said Guam voters have – for the fifth time – rejected this type of gambling.

When asked if the passage of the gambling bill would affect the pending cases it filed against DRT, Rapadas said it’s still too early to tell because the governor still has to act on Bill 19, which will ban all forms of gambling as soon as the hospital’s debts are paid off.

“We have not seen the ultimate product. We were OK with Bill 19 and we were initially OK with Bill 20, until they made some revisions. We are not happy with the second version,” Rapadas said.

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