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Back Local News GMH to review amnesty program’s results first before deciding to renew

GMH to review amnesty program’s results first before deciding to renew

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GUAM Memorial Hospital will review the outcome of its recently expired amnesty program to determine if renewing it would be a “worthwhile” option, GMH Chief Financial Officer Alan Ulrich said yesterday.

“I have been on Guam only for six months, and I don’t know how this compared to amnesty programs of prior years,” Ulrich said. “But I am pleased with the response to the program.”

He said GMH has collected about $325,000 to $350,000 from uninsured self-pay patients who took advantage of the hospital’s 60-day amnesty discount program, which expired Monday.

The reported figure was a preliminary estimate pending final accounting from GMH’s Business Office.

“After reviewing this program’s results, GMH will review its options. No decision today,” Ulrich said.

The program offered 50 percent off on the patients’ outstanding hospital bills.

“Total receivables before the discount was $650,000 to $700,000 – twice the payment received,” Ulrich said.

GMH didn’t set a target amount when it launched the program on April 22. “Rather, GMH wanted to incentivize patients and guarantors to voluntarily make payments,” Ulrich said.

After the expiration of the amnesty program, the hospital is now preparing to pursue collections of full undiscounted balances through a third-party collector.

Ulrich said GMH is now in the process of developing specifications for a solicitation to be issued for collection services.

“Once we finalize this process, many accounts will be sent to the collection agency. But we would prefer that patients approach us and set up a payment arrangement,” Ulrich said.

Currently, he said, GMH is managing its monthly revenues, expenses and cash flows against appropriations.

“GMH is reviewing alternatives to improve collection and reduce expenses,” Ulrich said.

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