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OPA finds problems with 2011 Liberation Day Committee

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THE Mayors' Council of Guam Liberation Day Committee continues to encounter issues with its recordkeeping. A financial audit conducted last year of the 2011 Liberation Day Committee showed that classifications for $49,000 of deposits and $33,000 in disbursements from March 17, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2010 had not been verified.

The Liberation Day committee was able to collect $106,000 in net proceeds. After all expenditures were made, $38,000 was paid to MCOG in 2012 and $39,000 was donated to the Rigalu Foundation. The balance of $29,000 was set aside as seed capital for the 2012 Liberation.

However, 18 different expenditures totaling $50,000 were not supported by procurement documents. According to OPA, $17,000 for travel and hotel accommodations was not supported by any price quotes.

A total of $68,000 in expenditures was also not supported by invoices, billings or other documents, the audit revealed.

Another four expenditures totaling $42,000 for projects, goods or services of $15,000 or more were put out for bid, but were bought using small purchase procurement.

In addition, the Liberation Day Committee was cited for having no established travel policies or procedures, and no documents supporting the 2011 Liberation Day Committee’s nonprofit status.

These recordkeeping issues mirror those identified in the Liberation Day Committee's 2010 audit.

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