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Rampant underage drinking noted

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THE Guam Police Department was kept busy over the weekend with public disturbances brought on by a number of intoxicated persons including four individuals under the legal drinking age.

Aos Karen, 19, Sosky Kasio, 19, Minson Rokuro, 20, and Franky Rufes, 20, were all charged in separate cases with underage drinking and disorderly conduct. An additional charge of jurisdiction over an adult was also filed against Reyes for allowing his younger brother to drink several beers with him.

A complaint was lodged against Karen after he allegedly broke the glass windows of a residence and a car window while intoxicated.

Kasio was observed by Officer A.R Pierce as the defendant was trying to climb down from a 20-foot wall. When the officer asked him to move away from the wall, Kasio slid down to a muddy slope. Officer Pierce approached the defendant and he noticed a strong odor of intoxicating liquor emanating from Kasio’s breath.

Rokuro was travelling south toward Route 1 when he was observed yelling profanities at a walking male. The male, later identified as Felix Gan, told police officers that Rokuro had just thrown a beer can at him.

When interviewed, Rokuro stated he had consumed three beers and denied throwing anything at Gan.

The increasing number of juveniles entering the court system has become an alarming trend as cases of minors under supervised probation increased from 142 in 2011 to 193 in 2012.

The active caseload for the Juvenile Probation Office also went up from 656 in 2011 to 721 in 2012.

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