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Back Local News Crown Bakery suspect back in court today

Crown Bakery suspect back in court today

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THE principal suspect in the kidnapping and assault of a woman in the parking lot of Crown Bakery will be in court today for his trial setting.

Ray Charles Tedtaotao Camacho, 33, is being held on $250,000 cash bail for allegedly kidnapping a woman on Oct. 15, 2012.

Court records did not mention the victim’s name. She was later identified as Monique Baza, who recently went public to protest the Office of the Attorney General’s dismissal of the case against Tedtaotao.

The suspect will appear before Judge Anita Sukola at 9 a.m. for a criminal trial setting.

According to court records, Tedtaotao went into Baza’s vehicle at around 5 a.m. while she was inside the bakery.

As the victim got into her vehicle and started her car, Camacho appeared from the backseat, pulled her hair, and demanded that she drive or he would kill her.

She was then told to pull over along Route 10 and get out of the car. The woman struggled to get away from Camacho as the defendant allegedly forced his hands down her shorts. She started running toward Route 10, but she slipped and fell.

Camacho reportedly punched her in the face and pulled her by the hair back to the car where he cut the car seat belt and tied her wrist and ankles.

After assaulting her, the defendant asked if she had money. He took the debit card and ordered her to tell him the pin number.

Camacho handed the card to another male individual later identified as his cousin, Raymond Torres Tedtaotao.

Camacho drove to another unknown location where he parked the car and fled while the victim was restrained.

Police were able to identify the suspect as Camacho through surveillance camera footage from the bakery and a nearby gas station.

Police went to Camacho’s residence where a household member identified Camacho in the footage and confirmed the clothing that the defendant was wearing during the crime.


Camacho is listed as a level 3 sex offender in the Guam Sex Offender Registry. He was convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct as a misdemeanor in April 2011.

Camacho is also a suspect in a separate case of child abuse and has a criminal record in 1998 for several family violence cases and criminal trespass.

In 1999 he was convicted of third-degree robbery and was sentenced in 2000 for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. He has a string of criminal records including impersonating a police officer, robbery, assault, and terrorizing.

Tedtaotao, on Oct. 27, 2012, was charged with Corinna Lyn Blas for fraudulent use of credit card, identity theft, and conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery.

He was released from jail after his case with Blas was dismissed without prejudice on Nov. 19, 2012.

Tedtaotao was arrested again after he and one Anthony Mendiola were identified as the ones who invaded a home in Nimitz Hill and assaulted a female resident on April 20.

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