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Office Depot to open next week

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ABLE Industries of the Pacific will begin operating its Office Depot store in the Julale Shopping Center at the end of next week, if all goes as planned, according to Ken Leon Guerrero, CEO of Able Industries.

The store will hold a soft opening on April 26 in the 6,500-square foot space that formerly housed the Korea Palace restaurant.

During its soft opening, the store will be selling six shipping containers full of inventory remaining from the military base supply stores Able Industries operated from 1999 until 2012. The inventory is comprised of office supplies and furniture, safety equipment, and cleaning supplies, Leon Guerrero said.

As that inventory is liquidated, the store’s product offerings will be about one-third Office Depot brand, one-third AbilityOne brand, and one-third national name brands, he said. AbilityOne products are made in factories with 75 to 80 percent employees who are blind or have severe disabilities. “AbilityOne is a priority source of supply for the federal government,” Leon Guerrero said.

Leon Guerrero said that while the company would have preferred not to have lost the contract for the base stores on Naval Base Guam and on Andersen Air Force Base (to the General Services Administration), the new location has advantages. “We will be able to serve corporate customers, government of Guam, individuals, and the federal government,” he said. “We’re closer to the federal court building, to a lot of the federal offices, and to Naval Hospital.”

The store will employ 20 to 25 people with disabilities, Leon Guerrero said. “Our mandate is to provide challenging employment for people with disabilities,” he said. “We are the largest employer of people with disabilities on Guam.”

Office Depot was a vendor of the Able Industries base stores, and the company built on the 13-year relationship to be able to open the Guam store, Leon Guerrero said.

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