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12 23Thu11262015


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GMH OKs amnesty period

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The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority board of trustees at its regular meeting last week unanimously passed a motion allowing GMH administrators to move forward with an amnesty period for patients that have unpaid hospital bills that are past due.

GMH Administrator Joseph Verga made it clear that the amnesty is only for past bills and does not reflect debts acquired after the start of the amnesty, which is tentatively scheduled for later this month.

The suggested 60-day amnesty period would allow for a 50 percent discount on the bills if paid in full, with no limit as to the cost of the bill.

Patients who have had their tax refunds garnished for March and those for April and May are also eligible for the amnesty.

However, the amnesty does not apply to patients with debts left over from health insurance co-payments and deductibles.

The amnesty is one of the various efforts of the hospital to increase revenues to offset a $2 million shortfall and $22 million in various debts.

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