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CNMI makes contingency plans for NKorea threats

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SAIPAN – The CNMI has a contingency plan in case North Korea attacks the Marianas region and war breaks out in the Korean peninsula.

Gov. Eloy S. Inos in an email to Variety said a contingency plan for foreign military threats was developed by local and federal stakeholders in the past few days. 

He said the CNMI authorities have been working “arduously” with the joint planning group in an effort to formulate a plan of action for all CNMI residents. 

Inos said he and Lt. Gov. Jude U. Hofschneider, through the special assistant for Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Marvin K. Seman, “have been in constant communication with the government of Guam and Guam Homeland Security.”

“With the assistance of Guam Homeland Security and in collaboration with intelligence officers from the Department of Defense, our administration continues to be kept apprised of ongoing developments,” Inos said.

“As we know, North Korea has made a barrage of war threats and menacing announcements since March 7, when the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions against it for conducting a nuclear test in February,” he added.

Based on information his administration received, the governor said he can assure everybody that “defense measures are in place to defend the CNMI and our brothers and sisters in Guam from a military threat.”

This means the CNMI community is protected in many layers to deter the foreign military event.

“We will continue to stay actively engaged in all ongoing communications regarding this matter,” he said.

Senate Floor Leader Ray N. Yumul, IR-Saipan, said being a soldier himself, he has seen the capability of the U.S. military so he knows the Department of Defense is fully capable of dealing with any threats and protecting the citizens both in the mainland and the territories.

“I am very confident about the capability and the technology of the U.S. military,” Yumul said.

At the same time, he also welcomes the military to the CNMI to at least give the people here an assurance.

Yumul said it is also important that people here are given at least an explanation of how the territory will be defended to remove the anxiety among local residents.

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