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Back Local News Arriola talks about Adelup’s use of technology, social media

Arriola talks about Adelup’s use of technology, social media

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THE administration of Gov. Eddie Calvo has an email data base of more than 20,000 addresses, and anticipates having 30,000 within the next couple of weeks, according to Franklin Arriola, Calvo’s chief of staff. “[The email blast] was one of the first productive components of our administration,” he told the Rotary Club of Guam yesterday at its weekly meeting. “We started with 6,000 or 7,000 [addresses] coming from the [2010 gubernatorial] campaign.”

Arriola was invited to talk to the Rotarians about the administration’s use of the Internet and social media. “Gov. Calvo is a firm believer, coming from the private sector, that we want to do more with less,” Arriola said. “As a result, we looked at the IT component – the social media network, the Internet infrastructure – to get our message out and to help us manage Gov. Calvo’s policy and direction.”

The administration’s experience with the use of information technology began during Calvo’s 2010 campaign for the Governor’s Office, which Arriola managed. “We utilized IT infrastructure outreach to get our message across to our constituencies,” he said. The new administration brought the lessons from the campaign into the government. The technology fit in with Calvo’s emphasis on open government, he said.

“Gov. Calvo believed it was important to restore the trust and confidence in our government and how it’s run,” Arriola said. The top priority was transparency. “We cannot hide anything, this is the public’s money. This is your money and we take our responsibility very seriously.”


The other component of open government was access. “We wanted to make sure that ... the people of Guam had easy access to him and to his staff and his Cabinet and the rest of the government of Guam,” Arriola said. One aspect of that effort has been availability to the media.

Among the administration’s initiatives has been Calvo’s weekly addresses which are taped, distributed and posted online. The governor’s YouTube channel – which also includes various events and commentaries from taxpayers on issues with which they may or may not agree with Calvo – has had more than 21,000 hits, Arriola said.

The weekly Proa newsletter, which is produced in hard copy and emailed, has evolved into a well-designed comprehensive report on the administration. It contains taxes collected on a weekly basis, government travel, contracts, drug testing results, terminations, fire department calls, an up-to-date Cabinet directory, arrest blotter and a report on select pieces of legislation – one bill from a Democrat and one from a Republican.

The administration is also developing its website with a schedule of all government board meetings, hearings and other events. He and other communication staff members meet regularly with agency public information officers and directors and “hammer them to make sure that these things are populated and updated,” Arriola said.

The administration can also be followed on Facebook and Flickr.

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