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GEPA anticipating $500K funding cut

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AS GUAM awaits the full impact of federal sequestration, Guam Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Eric Palacios said he is anticipating approximately $500,000 in cuts to GEPA as a result of the looming federal funding cuts.

Palacios said he is working closely with his senior staff and federal project officers to determine what the sequestration will translate into in terms of dollar figures.

He said estimates of the impact of sequestration are needed to ensure that the agency continues to operate and provide services at optimum levels.

“I will have a clearer picture regarding potential impacts in the next couple of weeks,” Palacios said.

The impact of the federal sequestration to the environmental agency is included in the agenda for the GEPA board meeting scheduled next week.


The sequestration took effect March 1 after the U.S. Congress failed to act on the issue, which consequently required President Barack Obama to issue an order cutting $85 billion in budgetary resources across the federal government for fiscal year 2013.

The Office of Management and Budget report to the U.S. Congress outlined several items that will be impacted by the sequestration of funding to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency programs.

GEPA receives funding from its federal counterpart to implement programs locally.

The sequester amounts were calculated based on a 5 percent cut in non-exempt, non-defense discretionary funding items.

USEPA’s biggest sequester amount identified in the report is a cut of $210 million out of the States and Tribal Assistance Grants while a $135 million cut has been calculated for Environmental Programs and Management.

Other items impacted by the sequestration are the hazardous substance superfund and science and technology discretionary funds, with cuts of $74 million and $40 million, respectively.

According to the OMB report, “The cuts required by the sequestration will be deeply destructive to national security, domestic investments, and core government functions.”

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