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Man charged with molesting minor girl

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A MAN accused of inappropriately touching a 15-year-old girl known to him is behind bars.

Edward John Cruz, 42, was arrested Tuesday after police met with the victim who recalled two encounters with Cruz that day.

According to Superior Court of Guam documents, while the victim was showering in the bathroom with the door locked, Cruz “opened the door and jumped in the shower with her.”

Cruz allegedly reached for the victim’s breast but the victim moved away, telling him to stop.

When she left the bathroom, Cruz “told her that she is sexy, that he is sorry but he can’t help it,” and made the victim promise not to tell, court documents state.

Later that same morning, when the victim was asked to roll up Cruz’s sleeve, the victim felt Cruz’s hand rub down the side of her hip and down her buttocks, then slapped and squeezed it, court documents state.

The victim told police that Cruz called her cell phone while on her way to school, offering to take her shopping for clothes on base on the weekend. She also reported that Cruz called several more times after school but ignored his calls.

Police checked the victim’s phone, which showed that Cruz called four times in the afternoon, court documents state.

Cruz, who was subsequently arrested, faces charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct as a first-degree felony; attempted second-degree criminal sexual conduct as a first-degree felony; and child abuse as a misdemeanor. He was charged Wednesday in Superior Court.


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