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Back Local News 2012 contribution report shows poll deficit spending

2012 contribution report shows poll deficit spending

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THE latest campaign contributions and expenditures report from the 2012 general election revealed deficit spending by at least two senatorial candidates who did not win the race.

A financial statement submitted to the Guam Election Commission showed that senatorial candidate Gary Gumataotao incurred a deficit of close to $17,000 because his campaign expenditures were worth three times more than the contributions he received.

Senatorial candidate Ben Servino had a deficit of about $14,000, according to the financial statement.

GEC also keeps track of surpluses.

Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz’s surplus remains at $10,207 although he had spent the least on his campaign.

Sen. Rory Respicio has the second highest surplus at $10,123.

Based on GEC rules, candidates with surplus campaign funds must continue to file reports with GEC every six months until the account is balanced. Candidates with deficits are also required to continue filing reports every three months until the account is balanced.

GEC continues to send reminders to elected officials to submit their financial disclosure statements and campaign contributions.

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