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Man sues Navy after slipping on property

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A LOCAL resident is suing the Department of the Navy and its insurance provider for an injury he sustained after a slip-and-fall incident while shopping at the Navy Commissary in 2011.

In a complaint filed Wednesday in the District Court of Guam, Paul F. Cannon is seeking damages for negligence after he slipped and fell on Jan. 15, 2011.

Cannon, as the complaint states, has privileges to “enter the premises and to access, utilize and patronize the facilities and purchase products on the premises of the defendants and were and are responsible for the maintenance and safety of said premises,” referring to the Navy Commissary at the Naval Station.

Cannon slipped and fell on a “foreign slippery substance which had been spilled on an area of the premises without notice, markings or warnings, and fell violently to the ground, causing [Cannon] to sustain serious injuries and damages,” the complaint states.

Cannon alleged the Department of the Navy, as owners and operators of the premises, “negligently failed to maintain the area in a reasonably safe condition and allowed the dangerous condition to remain.”

Additionally, he alleged the Navy was negligent in remedying or repairing the ground surface that was deemed dangerous.

As a result, Cannon “is forced to endure severe pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental and emotional injury and distress, lost earnings and medical treatments and expenses,” the complaint said.

The complaint seeks a trial at which damages would be proven. Prior to filing his complaint, Cannon presented his claims to the Department of the Navy on Sept. 13, 2012. However, six months after the submission of the claim, “the agency had neither accepted nor rejected such claims and ... plaintiff considers such failure to act as a final denial of the claim.”

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