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Back Local News Matson to decrease fuel surcharges for Guam, Hawaii

Matson to decrease fuel surcharges for Guam, Hawaii

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EFFECTIVE Sunday, Matson Navigation will lower the fuel surcharge for its services on Guam, the Northern Marianas and Micronesia from 40 percent to 36.5 percent as the result of a recent moderation in bunker fuel prices.

According to Matson’s press release, the fuel surcharge for Hawaii service will drop from 43.5 percent to 40 percent.

Dave Hoppes, Matson’s senior vice president, ocean services, said the surcharge decrease translates to savings of $80 to $140 per container.

“We are pleased to make this downward adjustment to our fuel surcharge,” Hoppes said. “We have been encouraged by the recent moderation in bunker fuel prices, and remain focused on diligently exploring ways in which we can maximize fuel efficiency for our Hawaii and Guam services.”

Matson last increased its fuel surcharge in October 2012 by 4.5 percentage points when the bunker fuel prices rose to 13 percent.

"Matson has made a practice of giving 30 days’ notice for upward rate adjustments, but passes on downward adjustments to our customers as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor fuel costs and adjust the surcharge accordingly,” Hoppes said.

Meanwhile, Len Isotof, Matson’s general manager for Guam and Micronesia, said line haul ships to Guam are now tracking on schedule.

In January, Matson had to clear freight backlogs resulting from last year’s labor unrest and holiday-season shipping delays that currently affect merchandise supply on Guam.

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