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GPA to sign solar and wind turbine contract

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THE Guam Power Authority is signing wind and solar contracts for 20 and 25 years, respectively, with Pacific Green Resources – the second renewable energy contract award aimed at reducing the island’s dependence on imported oil for power generation.

The ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m. this afternoon at the GPA Board Conference Room in Harmon.

GPA initiated its renewable acquisition process based on the GPA 2008 Integrated Resource Plan to lower production costs and as a fuel diversification strategy.

Public Law 29-62, passed in April 2008, also requires GPA to establish and meet Renewable Portfolio Standards with the first standard requiring 5 percent of net sales to be generated from renewable resources by December 2015.

According to GPA General Manager Joaquin C. Flores, Pacific Guam Resources was one of two bidders recommended for selection to the CCU in September 2011.

“The PUC conditionally approved the selection subject to the bidders’ acceptance of conditions identified in the System Impact Study in December 2011,” Flores said.

Pacific Green Resources is a newly organized local company proposing a solar/wind turbine technology renewable resource with a total capacity of 15 megawatts (approximately 10 for wind turbine and 5 for solar) for 20- and 25-year contract terms with a guaranteed energy production and fixed price per contract year. Flores said the output of renewable power into the power grid will serve nearly 2,200 homes.

“This project is not only a partnership for renewable energy, but also an economic stimulus for our island as part of an ‘oil to jobs’ initiative,” Flores said.

“About 110 jobs will be involved with construction and 27 new jobs will support daily operations. Over 900,000 barrels of oil is replaced with renewable energy through the contract term at an estimated savings of $5.5 million annually that circulates in our local economy instead of going off-island to pay for imported oil,” he added.

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