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12 23Wed11252015


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Damaged Onoun airstrip now open

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AFTER several weeks of delay due to heavy rain, the Onoun airstrip in the State of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, is now operational, according to information and photos submitted by Bill Hagen of the Cuthbert Project.

The runway has been cut, cleared and swept and now looks better than it has for years, Hagen reports. This was an island community effort by people realizing the necessity of having access to better transportation services.

Too often, people in need of medical services are required to take a small boat and travel the 130 miles to Weno, or do without if the weather is bad. The airport also provides necessary support services to Northwestern High School which serves several hundred students from the Northwestern islands.

Bush cutters, chainsaws, spare parts, machetes and gas were delivered by the Guam-based Cuthbert Project in January. The project sends books and other supplies to schools on the more remote islands of the FSM. The equipment for the runway work was included when project directors learned the school was running out of food.

“Now,” says Hagen, “after hundreds of man hours spent on the airstrip, it is ready for Caroline Island Air to begin service once again.”

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