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Man arrested for extorting co-defendant

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POLICE arrested a man this week for allegedly terrorizing and extorting money from a co-defendant in a burglary case from last year.

Anthony Vincent Matagolai, 28, faces charges of robbery as a second-degree felony and terrorizing as a third-degree felony. He was charged in Superior Court.

Matagolai is accused of extorting money from victim Edwin H. Kaulia III sometime last month. Both Kaulia and Matagolai are co-defendants in a case that involved the two breaking into the Merizo Mayor’s Office in July 2011. As a result of the robbery, a court declaration explained, Matagolai was incarcerated for about six to 10 months.

Matagolai last month allegedly told the victim that he wanted to “shoot him for snitching,” court documents state. He then demanded that Kaulia pay $200 for every month that he spent behind bars.

The victim told police he paid Matagolai, for fear of his life. The victim also reported that Matagolai beat him on a prior occasion.

“[Matagolai] subsequently visited the victim almost daily during the month of November to collect payment,” court documents stated. “The victim paid [Matagolai] $100 on Nov. 1, 2010. He paid a second $100 on Nov. 15.”

Police located and arrested Matagolai after receiving the victim’s complaint on Tuesday. Matagolai admitted to visiting the victim but denied the robbery.

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