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Former Senator Hartsock dies

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CLOSE family and friends are mourning the loss of former Sen. Marcia Hartsock who died recently in Hawaii from a long illness.

Hartsock was a longtime educator with the Department of Education and was a member of the 19th Guam Legislature. She was an advocate for teachers’ rights and was among those involved with the Guam teachers’ strike in the early 1980s.

Guam Delegate Madeleine Z. Bordallo has already expressed her condolences to Hartsock’s family.

“Marcia was truly a wonderful friend of mine. She was a member of the Legislature and always stood up for education. She introduced a number of bills dealing with education and stood her ground,” Bordallo said.

She added Hartsock contributed greatly to Guam. “She was very strong with the union as well. We’re going to miss her,” Bordallo said.

Speaker Judi Won Pat has likewise expressed her condolences.

"I am sorry to hear about the passing of former senator Marcia Hartsock. She was a strong woman who fought for teachers and was a respected member of the Legislature. I’m proud to have known such a kind and warm person,” Won Pat said.

For her part, Sen. Judi Guthertz remembers Hartsock as a committed educator and a very strong union leader.

“She was a senator who advocated labor and education issues. She was a very nice lady and she really embraced Guam. When you lose someone who contributed to the island, it’s always sad. I’m thinking of her family,” Guthertz said.

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