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Still no decision in murder trial

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NEARLY a month has gone by since the trial of a man accused of a 1994 murder began, and a Superior Court jury has yet to determine whether he is guilty.

Jury deliberation has been ongoing this week in the trial of Mark Bamba Angoco, who is accused of plotting and recruiting the help of others to kill Darwin Datuin 18 years ago.

Angoco previously was found guilty of aggravated murder in 1995, but had his conviction overturned during an appeal to the Supreme Court. His new trial began early in October, where he is being re-tried on a single charge of aggravated murder.

Datuin, 25, was shot in the head on Oct. 29, 1994. His body dumped in a jungle area of Radio Barrigada. Prosecutors allege the murder was fueled by money and drugs and that Angoco was the one who plotted to rob and murder Datuin, whom he was acquainted with since high school.

However, the individual believed to have shot the bullet in Datuin’s head is already serving a life sentence after having been found guilty of the murder in 1995. John JR Pangelinan was convicted in the murder case after the gun used to kill Datuin was found in his home.

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