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‘Guam a good place to retire’

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Retirees now living on Guam may not agree, but a national website, MSN Money, has identified Guam as one of six “cheap places to retire abroad.”

Described as an “up and coming” destination where retirees can “easily live on an income of $2,000 a month, thanks to affordable housing, food and medical care,” the article puts Guam in with Chiang Mai, Thailand; Valencia, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lake Atitlan, Guatemala; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Guam, the article says, is an often overlooked alternative for American retirees.  “Because it’s a U.S. territory, English is spoken everywhere on the island, and its currency is the American dollar.”

The website calls Guam a lower-cost alternative to Hawaii sharing the same climate.  “One bedroom apartments on Guam can rent for as little as $400 a month, with luxury units facing the sea costing $1,000 per month.”

“Besides basking in the weather, retirees in Guam can use both American and Guam-based insurers—including Medicare—to cover their health care costs.

All major medical services are available to Guam Memorial Hospital, which is certified and accredited by several U.S. federal agencies,” the article adds.

The website is at

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