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12 23Sun11292015


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Back Local News Health board suspends veterinarian’s license

Health board suspends veterinarian’s license

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THE Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners on Friday issued a preliminary record of decision that suspends Dr. Joel Joseph from practicing veterinary medicine for five years, effective immediately.

Board members voted unanimously to suspend Dr. Joseph from practice and ordered that he surrender his license that was issued by the board.

Dr. Joseph has been ordered to send the Record of Decision by mail to “every other jurisdiction in which he is or has been, licensed to practice veterinary medicine within 24 hours and to provide the Board with copies of such deliveries within the same 24-hour period.”

Dr. Joseph was also given 24 hours to remove the “Wise Owl Animal Hospital” sign from the clinic he owns and operates.

In addition, Dr. Joseph must return all animals and their medical records in the custody of the Wise Owl Animal Hospital to either their owners or other licensed veterinarians on Guam, and inform GBAHE when he has done so.

Dr. Joseph recently returned to Guam after briefly moving to Fiji late last year to set up his practice there. For several years, Dr. Joseph and the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners have been at odds over several issues brought forth against each other.

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