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Ordot lot zone change denied

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THE Guam Land Use Commission yesterday denied an application to rezone a lot located next to the Ordot Dump.

GLUC convened yesterday to discuss and review an application for land rezoning and conditional use submitted by Pacific Unlimited Inc. (PUI).

PUI’s plan is to develop LOT 3390-2NEW-R2 in Ordot-Chalan Pågo into a commercial green- and wood-waste shredding and composting facility. The lot for the proposed facility is directly across the Ordot landfill. 

Ordot-Chalan Pågo Mayor Jessie Gogue and more than a dozen residents attended the meeting to voice their concern about the proposal. 

Prior to the commission meeting, a public hearing was convened to gather public opinion on the proposal.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Mayor Gogue strongly stated that the land should be developed into a village park, as initially intended.

In response, John Limtiaco, of PUI, stated the park cannot be built immediately due to the fact that federal regulations require closed dumps to be monitored for at least 30 years before the area can be redeveloped into a park.

The PUI team emphasized that the proposal “focuses on benefits” and promotes the “general welfare” of the public since the market base of the composting facility is the entire island of Guam.

One of the supporters of the proposed facility is Peggy Denney, program administrator of i*recycle. Denney briefly explained how composting works and stated how the community could benefit from the process, if implemented in a proper manner.

This is the second GLUC hearing convened to comprehensively discuss the proposal to rezone the land and the development of the facility.

Jay L. Lather, GLUC chairman, reiterated that the land should “remain residential” and not commercial. He also believes the Ordot-Chalan Pågo community is not ready for the proposed rezoning.

After hearing the testimonies of PUI and the concerned residents of Chalan Pågo, the commission unanimously denied requests for rezoning and conditional use of LOT 3390-2NEW-R2.

Instead, the commission presented a resolution amending the definition of composting and expanding current agricultural operations to include composting.

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