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12 23Mon11302015


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Back Local News Man threatens to kill ex-girlfriend via text

Man threatens to kill ex-girlfriend via text

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A 22-year-old man was arrested on Monday for allegedly sending his ex-girlfriend text messages threatening to “murder” her.

Brandon Cal Cruz was charged with terrorizing, harassment and family violence.

Cruz allegedly sent his ex-girlfriend numerous threatening text messages, one of which included, “I will murder you both,” referring to the woman and her friend, but added that she had no idea how her friend became involved.

According to the woman, Cruz has a history of violence and has even pointed a handgun at her in the past.

The woman said she had enough after Cruz allegedly admitted to using drugs and subsequently refused to allow Cruz to visit their son. Fearing for the safety of herself, her son and her friend, the woman said she finally turned Cruz in to authorities.

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