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Down Syndrome photo exhibit

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THERE's still a chance to catch the first photo exhibit by the Down Syndrome Association of Guam (DSAG) at the Agana Shopping Center which runs until March 29.

The group hopes to raise community support and awareness for persons with Down Syndrome.

According to Veronica Arriola, president of DSAG, “We wanted to make the community of Guam aware that our kids are special and that they can do and be like everybody else although they are different.”

DSAG has been involved in advocacy work for Down Syndrome since 2001. Since its establishment, the organization has provided a strong network of support for parents and families by helping individuals with Down Syndrome realize their potential and improve their quality of life.

Parents and families of persons with Down Syndrome experience challenges such as the dearth of medical and educational programs addressing their children’s specific needs. 

This year marks the first time World Down Syndrome Day is recognized by the United Nations. The number 21 has a major significance to the organization. According to Arriola, the number represents the 21st chromosome, which is the most common signifier of Down Syndrome.

To learn more about DSAG and their advocacy to increase awareness on Down Syndrome here on Guam, visit their website.

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