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Carabaos a nuisance in Nimitz Hill

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FOR several years, a number of carabaos have been seen roaming near the old Navy Housing on Nimitz Hill and outside the gate of Flag Circle. Now, it appears the animals have become a problem for local residents and military personnel alike, and Asan/Maina Mayor Benny San Nicolas is trying to help the animals get a new home.

The Variety caught up with San Nicolas recently as he drove through the area, which is under his jurisdiction. He was able to find a carabao grazing in a meadow that was once a football field. The animal also had a rope tied to it.

San Nicolas said carabaos have been roaming the general area for about 20 years. "They've been around before me," he joked.

San Nicolas approached a military security officer standing at the entrance to Flag Circle and asked about the animals. He was told the carabaos sometimes wandered over but went back up the hill near the Joint Region Marianas headquarters and the federal fire station.

Meanwhile, it turned out the carabao that was tied up is owned by Antonio A. Mendiola, 73, of Asan, who is also aware of the other carabaos strolling in the vicinity.  He said a friend of his from Yigo has asked if Mendiola's water buffalo, a bull named Scar, could mate with a female owned by that particular friend.

He admits he has seen a lot of carabaos roaming around. "I never let them go too far, but I heard they're doing damage to military property so I'm trying to round them up," he said.

Mendiola said he needs to give the carabaos new homes because of the problems they're causing. 

Anyone interested in the carabaos can get in touch with Mendiola from the Asan/Maina Mayors Office and call 472-6581 or 479-2726.

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