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12 23Fri11272015


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Cebu Pacific plans direct flights to Guam

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PHILIPPINE-based airline company Cebu Pacific, which services mostly Asian destinations, plans to expand its routes to serve the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the world with Guam as a potential hub.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported yesterday that the budget airline wants to expand services to Middle Eastern countries where millions of OFWs are currently based.

Cebu Pacific has applied for authority to mount flights to Saudi Arabia and has pending applications for flights to Guam and Palau all by 2013, the Inquirer reported.

Cebu Pacific President and CEO Lance Gokongwei said the low-budget airline wants to launch “budget” long-haul flights by leasing up to eight Airbus A330-300 aircraft. Other potential destinations on the list include Australia, Europe, the Pacific region and the United States.

Gokongwei told the Inquirer he wants to serve the untapped market of OFWs around the globe. There are currently about 11 million OFWs but only a little over 1 million make up those living in the Asia region where Cebu Pacific offers its services.

As of December 2009, the U.S. housed the most expatriates with 3.5 million Filipino workers. The Middle East came in next with about 2.4 million Filipinos.

Gokongwei stated he wants to expand the airline’s services to offer OFWs with cheaper options to return home.

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