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12 23Tue12012015


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Back Letter to the Editor Littering is a major Guam problem

Littering is a major Guam problem

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HÅFA Adai! My name is Kazzandra Ruaro and I am a senior at George Washington High School. Throughout this school year, my marine biology teacher, Ms. Tatreau, has opened my eyes to the darker corners of the world in terms of our environment. Endangered species, plastic bag use and global warming are only some of the major concerns stressing our Mother Earth.

Here on Guam, however, is the unfortunate problem of littering. There could be so many other issues, but that, I believe, is the island’s biggest problem. Although there are numerous cleanups throughout the year, it’s not enough. We need coastal cleanup events around the island. We need to move into the jungles and onto the roads of Guam. We must confront our harmful illegal dumps.

The government must acknowledge this issue with a better approach rather than dilapidated signs with only a few trash cans dotting Guam. Our island is a beautiful paradise, but certain Guamanians do not possess the interest or initiative to make a change. Yes, there are weekly trash pickups and trash bins in public areas, but when it comes to recreational areas and isolated zones on the island, there’s no doubt you’ll find trash such as tires and refrigerators. People may not be able to pay for proper disposal of their trash, thus leading to illegal dumping. Better law enforcement is needed and fines must be imposed. The key to a cleaner Guam is raising awareness among that public. When YOU put trash into its proper place, we won’t need organized cleanups. The solution for many other problems lies within solving this.

Kazzandra Ruaro,

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