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12 23Mon11302015


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Back Letter to the Editor Hard work for nothing?

Hard work for nothing?

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I DON’T pass by Chalan Eskuelan road, but when my teacher and fellow students told me they saw trash again on the side of the road, I was very disappointed! Not even a couple of weeks have passed since my class, and a few others, worked our butts off outside in the hot sun for four hours straight, sweating in our uniform so we could have a beautiful and clean road leading to our campus. It makes me feel like all our hard work we did out of the kindness of our hearts was all for nothing; like it was useless to do!

What if people were to put household things such as a bed, refrigerator, couch and many more things at the governor’s office? I’ll bet you would be so fast to get rid of all those things, wouldn’t you? But what about us? Aren’t we young adults supposed to be the future of the people? If so, then why can’t you help us clean the road that leads to our school’s environment? Is that so hard to ask for?

Krystal Delos Santos,
Simon Sanchez High School student

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