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Editorial response

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REGARDING your editorial in the Thursday, Feb. 23 edition of the Marianas Variety entitled “JFK another Southern?” I have the following comments:

First mistake: location. For sentimental reasons, JFK was re-rebuilt on land fronting the busiest highway on Guam ... a chunk of high-tax value real estate better suited to commercial development. Little evident thought was given to traffic flow, entry/exit.

Second blunder: selection of a contractor without a lengthy record of work with the Navy or Air Force ... where early/on-time completion is standard. Over the years, Black Construction was awarded many military contracts – even when they were NOT the lowest bidder – because contracting officers always knew a project built by Black would be done 100 percent right, on schedule and usually early.

Third error: keeping the name of J.F. Kennedy, whose only memorable contribution to Guam was the appointment of a charming – but erratic – character named Bill Daniel whose term as Governor of Guam was completed by a wise and competent man from Guam by the name of Manuel F.L Guerrero.

Bill Gibson,
Mathews, N.C.

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