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12 23Tue12012015


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Back Letter to the Editor Biofuels threaten food supply

Biofuels threaten food supply

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THE American people now hold Congress in contempt, with an approval rating of just 10 percent. One of the biggest reasons for this loss of trust is the skyrocketing cost of food. America has inept political leaders who would rather drill the human food supply for energy than Alaska.

The politician-created global biofuel fiasco has killed more people worldwide than all wars and acts of terrorism combined during the same time period. When you starve people to death by raising global food prices, there is no blood spilled, but those innocent people are as dead as if you shot them in the back of the head.

It is currently estimated that somewhere between 43,000 and 54,000 people around the world die of malnutrition and related illness every day. Food is a globally traded commodity just like oil, so those incomprehensibly large death numbers would be far lower if biofuel production had not skyrocketed the cost of farmland, fertilizer and food all over the world.

Biofuel production does nothing to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels because we use far too much fossil fuel energy to produce them. 

Biofuel production increases air and water pollution and is dramatically accelerating topsoil erosion. In less than 100 years, most of our best Midwest topsoil will be gone. What will we eat then?

With a record number of Americans on food stamps and more than half of Earth's population living in poverty, the continued support for biofuel mandates and subsidies by United States politicians is simply beyond reason and sanity, and can only be explained by farm belt greed and political corruption.

Please see the renewable energy disaster.

Christopher Calder,
Eugene, Oregon

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